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June 10, 2010

No it’s not.  It isn’t just anything. It’s your piece of Internet property.  It’s the digital identity of you or your business.  It might even be both.  It’s what differentiates me from you, and you from her.  Aside from avatars and photos, my facebook account looks an awful lot like your facebook account, and we’re all limited to 140 characters.  Not here.  Here, the possibilities are endless.  And I can connect my blog to your blog… and his blog… and her blog.  Which begs the question, do we even need facebook?  Sure, I’ll choose to keep my facebook account, but it seems to become less important the more I work on my own property.  Facebook is to renting, as blogging is to owning a home.  And we all strive for that, right?

So don’t treat your blog like it’s just another blog.

* Just Another WordPress Blog is the packaged tagline that comes with new WordPress sites… I’m not the one who came up with such mediocrity.

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