Plenty of Time, Not Enough Priority

September 10, 2010

Have you ever felt like there wasn’t enough time in a day to do all you need to do? Stupid question. We hear it all the time… folks complaining that there isn’t enough time in a day. I think it’s bullhonky (yes, I really did just use that word). The problem is that there isn’t enough structure in our lives. The issue has little to do with how many hours there are in a day.

There are people who have literally changed the world, who have successfully budgeted 24 hours each day. Now I’m not saying that people who pioneer greatness have done it with ease! But clearly, they must have managed their time better than most. And a lot of it has to do the way they prioritize.

These days we live in a giant time suck. There are so┬ámany┬ádistractions and the distractions are multiplying like Gremlins. Just last night I saw a commercial for FloTV. Have you seen this!? Who really needs this!? We’re already on media overload. And in a society that already wants instant gratification, we’ve come to want it faster and faster and faster. So we voraciously tweet, while we listen to Pandora, as we sit through our business meetings, talking on the phone with mom, texting Bob, ordering pizza from our iPads, all while reading about increasing productivity on our Kindles… And we wonder why nothing gets done! Oh, and we do all this with little sleep, so we’re all like crazy zombies.

Think about how much we could get done by shutting off our email but for twice a day, only tweeting at designated times, turning off our phones when we need to focus on one pressing task at a time, and making sure that the tasks we are working on really are pressing. We need to spend more time working with purpose. And we need to finish.

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