September 9, 2010

Also known as trust. Driven by integrity. Requires patience.

Building reliability takes time and a whole lot of footwork. It cannot be forced, but it can be built. See: organic growth. It’s what I’m attempting to build with my readers and customers. And I’m always trying to enhance it in my family life. I want people to understand that they can depend on me, whatever my role for them might be. And I’m certainly not alone…

In order to build reliable businesses, we have to inject strong doses of what I listed above: trust, integrity, and patience. Trust comes from consistent delivery and focus. The longer that we consistently deliver ‘X’ the more people will come to expect it. Trust is a an all-natural by product of consistency. And if these things that we deliver are built on the foundations of integrity, then our trust will be earned in good faith. And if we have patience through the process, then we will find the┬áperseverance necessary to outlast the dips in business.

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