Rise of the Machines

September 29, 2009

If you are reading this, you probably got here through Twitter – my favorite social network.  And if you’re like me you probably spend a little too much time on Twitter… or Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace (yeah, I said it), Tumblr, Flickr, Ning, or Ping.  And if those don’t float your boat, you might spend time on Buzznet, BlackPlanet, or CafeMom.  If you’re in Iran, you might like Cloob.

By now you think this is about social networking and social media.  But it’s not… this post is about Time Control.  You see, the more time we all spend behind these screens, the more valuable our time has become.  The more our need grows to live our lives like machines.  Yes, we spend an awful lot of time networking online and the old saying goes… “time is money”.  Well, time is really everything, and time has never been as precious as it is now.

How many of you have been busy online and then realize that it is five o’clock and you really accomplished nothing with your day?  I have… many times.  Busy and productive are two different things (I’ll save that debate for another post).  The more we use technology to communicate and accomplish tasks, the more we need to be living our lives like machines… minute by minute, like clockwork.  The old term Time Management is too loose of a term for 2009.  We need Time Control if we plan to be productive and effective in today’s world.  Think about all the things you could complete in just one hour.  Seriously.  Write them down… then write down the small steps it takes to accomplish even the minor tasks.  What does your day look like now?  For me, it will make all the difference!

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