Social Media can Eat Your Life

January 5, 2010

*Warning: Snark ahead.

I installed a great program on my computer yesterday called Rescue Time. There is a free version and some beefed-up paid versions also. Basically, it tracks your time spent on certain computer tasks by monitoring what program, or window, is open on top (yeah, like the one you’re looking at now). You can run reports for just about any program, you can set productivity goals, and you can also measure your productivity according to the goals you’ve set.

My purpose for using the program is that I specifically want to know how much time I spend using social media because I do use it a lot. For my business. Or at least I think it’s for my business… I don’t embarrass easily, but I’m ashamed to admit that in all of yesterday I spent well over an hour on twitter and facebook (…and I don’t even play Farmville!). Thinking back, most of that time was spent bookmarking interesting articles and socializing. Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step in any recovery program…

If I keep up that pace, I’d lose an entire workday every week to social media. Unacceptable!

I know, I know… all you gurus are going to tell me that I need a better social media strategy. And while I appreciate your offers, I have a well-rounded understanding of technology, time management, and goal setting… I’m good, thank you anyways.

Now… before you go away thinking that I hate social media, realize that I actually love it or I wouldn’t spend so much time on it. I wouldn’t have links to all my social profiles here on this blog, and I probably wouldn’t have even taken the time to create this blog. I wouldn’t have “tweeted out” the link to this article if I hated social media. I wouldn’t have sang it’s praises in talking with the Insurance Journal. So simmer down. I’m not bashing your coveted social media. I’m writing this as a reminder for myself (and hopefully to you) that social media can eat your life if you aren’t careful… that’s all.

So I’m gonna go fire up Microsoft Word now (yes… I’m still a PC… *grunt*) and start typing out some goals and ideas for how I can optimize my social media.

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