Your Business, Delivered

September 2, 2010

Probably the biggest challenge facing small business owners is growth. It’s the reason many of us go out of business, and a reason that a lot of people choose not to go into business in the first place. They know that growth is hard. So why bother? And forget probably… growth is the biggest challenge. Even with a steady stream of customers it becomes difficult to grow to the next level. That’s why many of us plateau, and many more eventually drop out. It’s incredibly difficult, especially one-person businesses. We are marketers, technicians, accountants, janitors, organizers, etc. The successful business owners become interdependent and seek the help of others. It’s easier to push a car with two people…

But this isn’t about how hard business is. This is about delivering your business. Delivery is key to growth. And it isn’t about shipping, speed, or even the physical delivery process of your product or service (though those things do matter!). I’m defining delivery here as how you communicate with your customers and vendors. What are the feelings that you are leaving them with? You are impairing the growth of your business if your delivery is robotic, monotone, unenthusiastic, canned, cliché, insincere, and the list goes on. Stiff communication is like boxing your customers out. Unlike basketball, you want your customer to get to the hoop. Maybe not the best example, but you get it. I believe poor communication is a leading cause of commodotization.

Customers buy feelings, not products. We hear the phrase, people buy from people. Be a person, not a product. If you can sell me a widget, but the gal down the street can sell me a widget with feeling, then I’m buying her widgets every time.

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