Monday Morning Quarterback

September 13, 2010

So the Internet tells me that the definition of a Monday Morning Quarterback is: one who criticizes or passes judgment from a position of hindsight. I’d say that’s a pretty accurate way to sum it up. And what an easy role to play, right? It’s sure not difficult to say what could’ve been done differently when looking backwards. And people love to point fingers. But what a stupid frame of mind…

I hate critics. I don’t like the ones that judge the past, and I don’t like theĀ naysayers who try to hinder the future. You can’t beat ’em, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend joining ’em. So whether you’re the one criticizing, or the target of criticism… step back and change your mindset today. Make Monday different.

We all have critics. In fact, we’ll never get rid of ’em! They’re out there and they are not going away. For any of us. So just ignore ’em! If you spend your time listening to them, then you might as well go sit in some concrete. And the unfortunate part is that by the time you’ve really fallen victim, they’ve moved on to something else anyway. Then there you are… stuck. Critics don’t matter.

And why criticize? Isn’t there a more productive way to spend your time? When you’re worrying about someone else, you aren’t worrying about yourself. Then there you are… stuck.

I’m not saying that an outside opinion isn’t sometimes helpful, but I am saying that it’s just an opinion. So today, I’m gonna move on whether you like it or not… and so should you.

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