Then San Francisco Happened

September 28, 2010

You’ve probably noticed that my streak of daily blog posts came to an end. That’s okay; at least I had a streak. And now I have a benchmark: 23 straight days. What happened? Well, I’ve been in San Francisco on what felt like… the trip of doom. Read my blog post about small potatoes and you’ll learn why I was in San Francisco to begin with.

My wife and I had been looking forward to this trip for months. Well, the night before we were supposed to leave she got sick and couldn’t go. Bummer. And not to mention, we had to eat some of the cost of her ticket. After a four and a half hour flight, I arrived at the hotel around 2:00 pm. I didn’t feel well so I laid down. My condition quickly worsened and I was shivering under blankets with a temperature of who knows what. I couldn’t even get out of bed until 4:00 am the following morning. My 1 hr 45 min presentation was scheduled at 10:15 am that same day. Miraculously, I felt good enough to go, and presenting with my friend Ryan Hanley helped a lot. Good stuff, Ryan. Anyway, I planned on leaving the following day (one day earlier than originally scheduled), but the crooks airline wanted an additional $400 to make that happen. And while the bill at the fancy hotel I was staying at was taken care of for the first two nights, that last night was going to be on me. So I booked a room that was “Chris affordable” near the airport and decided to leave on my regularly scheduled flight. On the way, my van blew a tire and I sat on the side of a San Francisco interstate with other disheartened passengers and an angry Vietnamese driver. My luck. Finally at the airport, I almost missed my return flight as I became occupied with work while listening to my iPod. Suddenly I looked up and I was the only one left at the gate. That one was my fault…

It wasn’t all bad though, and I have a good sense of humor in these situations. This was my first time in San Francisco and the extra day gave me some time to take in the atmosphere. It’s a bustling city, and much different than Atlanta. I’m sort of a loner, so one of the best parts of my trip was eating breakfast in a hole in the wall (literally) cafe and then taking a walk around the city. While strolling, I saw this spray painted on a door: The power of imagination makes us infinite.

As both a person and a professional, this trip left me with a lot to think about. And I will use many of these thoughts to launch back into my writing routine here. Thank you for reading.

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