October 2, 2009

While I am typing this, I am sitting on the floor next to my daughter while she lays on her floor gym (or whatever it is you call this thing). It is 11:40a.m. on a weekday and I should be working… I am.  Working on being Dad.  Every fifteen seconds or so, I’m having to reach up from the keys and press the eyeballs on her musical frog, so if there is a delay here, I apologize.  The Polly Wolly Doodle must go on.

Adaptation.  This first week has been an adventure far beyond what I had expected.  There was one day that I had my headset on, trying to discuss insurance with a customer, holding my swaddled daughter… feeding her.  Then, at that moment, the doorbell rang.  It was my neighbor bringing our two dogs back.  Our Mutts picked a great day to make a jail break.

I have discovered that time and silence have never been so precious.  I’m doing my best to adapt to these changes, and sometimes change brings about change.  I received some fantastic insight this morning form a new friend and am starting work on a new business project.  More to come on that.

I apologize for the “journalishness” of this update but it is my blog and I do what I want.

And now the silence is over and I must go administer bottle.  Thank you for reading!

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