Power of One

March 15, 2012

Many of the world’s greatest ideas have spread, from person to person, one by one. A great friendship is often the byproduct of a handshake. Many times one is not the loneliest number. It’s that you have to start with one to get to a dozen; yet we always seem to miss the way things used to be. When we do find ourselves alone, we tend to derive either enjoyment, strength, or growth from those moments. It takes one decision to change your forever. And one match to burn the whole thing down. I can’t overstate the power of one.

The singularity of our lives and our opportunities should never be taken for granted. Does this mean that we should pounce on everything that comes our way? Of course not. The results we are seeking will never come without limitation. Instead, we should learn to live more decisively, rewarding ourselves with the sense of certainty that we are not wasting one minute of one day. And if we do take a misstep, it only takes a step in the other direction to put us on a totally different path. Of course, this type of optimism becomes void when we try to jump ahead twenty steps. That’s when problems arise. Remember, It’s one step at a time.

Some would argue that we are not in control of our circumstances and I won’t disagree with that. But I do believe that each, single, decision we make holds the greatest influence otherwise. And that’s the power of one.



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