September 17, 2010

Few things are better than victory. Reaching your goals, landing new clients, getting recognized, finishing projects, beating the competition… all these things are sweet. And if we work hard and stay focused, then one victory can lead to another. We gain momentum and we go on winning streaks. And if our streaks last long enough, we begin to grow. Independence becomes interdependence; we build teams. All the while, we influence and impact others. We make a difference. Victory.

But victory can also be an interruption. Celebrations can make us lose focus. Overconfidence becomes a problem. We stop practicing and the competition catches up. Nobody can avoid losing, but when we revel too much in our victories then we run a higher risk of losing. And while losing can potentially lead to growth, nobody would argue that losing is actually better than winning. Winning through losing is slow and painful. Winning is winning.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t celebrate our victories, because we should. But we should celebrate with humility. Because victory is only temporary.

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