Breaking The Cycle

September 1, 2010

Everything changed for me when I had to start taking my one-year old to daycare five days a week. We started the year taking her in just three days, thinking I could maintain my business those three days and in the evenings. It turns out that my business requires those three days, plus the other two days, plus some evenings. My catalyst for real change starts everyday when my little girl looks at me with sad eyes when I drop her off. I previously thought that the hardest thing I ever did was take care of her while trying to work. That pales in comparison to how hard this is.¬†And the only way to break this daily cycle is to change; to become better than I ever thought possible. To put my family in a position where we don’t need to rely on daycare anymore. That’s my motivation.

We’re all trying to break cycles. We battle them everyday. Few of us are truly where we want to be in life, and unfortunately even less of us ever get there. Getting there is different for all of us, and how I define¬†there may be poles apart from how you define it. But for all of us, this change and advancement starts inside. It doesn’t begin with attitude or actions either. It starts with how we view the world; how we view our situations and challenges. Attitudes and actions are simply true reflections of these views. This is why a lot of outside behaviors don’t stick, like regular exercise, or daily reading, or prayer, or whatever it is. We can’t change who we are, but we can certainly change the lens that we look at the world through. And if we can learn to do that, then that is when we can begin to achieve anything we want. Because I’m an eternal optimist, I really do think all things are possible.

So I’m going to break some of my cycles by replacing them with different ones. I’m going to force good habits. And I hope that I find a whole new paradigm in the process. What about you? What do you do when you realize the urgency to ignite significant change in your life?

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