How to Build Two Story Buildings

June 4, 2010

Actually, this has nothing to do with construction or buildings. I wrote that headline because I hope it peaked your interest enough to come and read this. Because if you know me, you know that I would know absolutely nothing about the construction industry. But I do know something about patience, process, and planning. Some of those things that make up the foundation. Of anything. We all know something about that.

No matter what we are after, it has a lot to do with the foundation of it all. Some of us are racing to the top because we perfected our plans. Some of us are merely plodding along because we never wrote our ideas down. Then there are a lot of us who drew up solid plans but we never broke ground. We just thought about it… and then drew up more plans. Sometimes our execution just sucks. But let’s move past that negative connotation.

If you want to build something real, you have to create the foundation first. You have to know when to execute, and you must realize that your walls will be built brick by brick. It may take months, it may take years. You’re likely to lay a few bricks the wrong way… you’ll need a do-over on those ones. But isn’t it funny that when we fix our failures, we renew our pride? And renewed pride is stronger pride.

Before we know it, we’ll have built the first story, then the second, and on and on. Persistence through failure drives us, and I love that about life.

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