No Excuses.

May 19, 2010

Every six months or so (since I fist saw this back in 2005) I find myself getting drawn into the story of a man named Jim Maclaren. Jim was a football player at Yale, who was hit by a bus back in 1985 while he was riding his motorcycle in NYC. He lost one of his legs as a result of the accident. As a determined athlete, he came back from this accident and began participating in triathlons with a prosthetic leg. He worked his way to becoming the fastest triathlete with one leg.

During a triathlon eight years after his first accident… he was struck by a van. This time doctors told him he would never move again from the chest down. Once again, Jim beat the odds and spent countless hours in rehab, determined to move again. He did it. It’s an incredible story, and there is even more to it. Watch the video below.

I’ve heard an awful lot of excuses over the last few years pertaining to why people aren’t where they truly want to be in life. If it isn’t the bad economy, it’s the government. And if it isn’t one of those there just isn’t enough time. And if time isn’t the issue, then they just don’t have the support they need from those around them. Enough already.

This isn’t a rant. It’s just something for us to think about. Anyway, I felt like this story was worth sharing…

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