October 5, 2009

Everyday when we turn on the television, radio, or browse news websites, we get reports rammed down our throats about how bad the U.S. economy is.  There are large companies going bankrupt.  We are in the “worst financial crisis” since the Great Depression.  TARP was passed a year ago… $700 billion big ones.  I’ll save my political and economic views for another post, but I will let it be known that I called my congressman in opposition.  Issues of the American economy… the big elephant in the room that nobody will shut up about.

Financially, things are bad for many people.  Unemployment rates are higher than they have been in 26 years.  Companies are going bankrupt  (I know I’ll probably never step foot in a Circuit City again).  Despite all the bad news, there remains an upside…


I always say to myself that as long as I’m still breathing, things can be worse.  I have my friends, my family, ambition, and persistence.  I have my health, my faith and a will to succeed.  These are things that you cannot put a price tag on.  My guess is that you have these same positive things going on in your own life, despite your financial situation.

Now, I don’t always look at the world with rose colored glasses.  In fact, one reason I started this blog was because I felt the need to self medicate.  However, I am an eternal optimist and I really do believe that situations are often better than they seem.  So if you read this today, I just ask that you remove the horseshit from your life for a day and be grateful for those priceless things you’ve been given.

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