The Little Things

March 18, 2012

Saturday night I had date night with my daughter. Chick-fil-A, then the bookstore. When we got home I played my guitar while she played her ukelele. I’m proud to say that at 2.5 years old she has better strumming motion than many unpracticed adults I’ve seen. Anyway, rewind back to Chick-fil-A. While we were eating our food, a family of five (three boys and their parents) sat down at a table across from us. Adjacent to them was a high school couple sharing a milkshake. Other than that the place was pretty much empty.

While I was helping Elise drink her chocolate milk, I was keeping an eye on these other tables. The family was laughing and the teenagers were flirting. Elise took a bite of nugget. I finished my fries.┬áLife has it’s obvious moments… Christmases, birthdays, graduations, etc. – but sometimes there is something special about an empty fast food place on a Saturday night.



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