Gaining Momentum

September 12, 2010

I’ve been watching football all day, and blogging daily, all month. So this has me thinking about momentum. Everyone needs momentum to win. But where does it come from?

I think we have to create it. We have to set a goal, and consistently do all the little things to achieve it. Completing tasks, especially the small ones, is the grind. The reason so many fall short of their goals is because they want the big things, but give up on all the little things. That grind is what leads to momentum. And without those little things, we never find momentum and we quit… I think it’s called burnout. Maybe. Or maybe that’s not the right word. Whatever.

I’m juggling a handful of goals right now. One of them is maintaining this blog everyday for the month of September… that’s a short-term goal. My long-term goal is to maintain this everyday, indefinitely. But I’ve got to do the little things first, like post daily for one month. I’m using my blog as the example only because it’s somewhat tangible for you. After all, you’re here reading it. Another example would be how I quit smoking (I guess five or six years ago now?). I didn’t use any nicotine gums, patches, or voodoo tactics. I just put a piece of paper on my refrigerator and made a pencil mark on it for everyday that I went without a cigarette. Each day, those tiny little things are what helped me gain the consistency and the momentum I needed to finally quit. And I was a heavy smoker.

I feel like I’ve been writing about consistency a lot lately. Or maybe I haven’t. But I think about it a lot. It’s always on my mind. Remaining conscious about consistency leads to the completion of those little things, builds momentum, progresses us, and then yields big results.

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