Let’s Get Uncomfortable

September 14, 2010

Yesterday my friend Linda Rey, of Rey Insurance Agency in Sleepy Hollow NY, posted the following on Twitter:

“SOMETIMES we have 2 be really uncomfortable in order 2 make progress!”

And thanks to her I have something to write about today…

I’ve been experiencing a lot of discomfort the last eighteen months. I quit a job, I maintained a video blog, I stopped maintaining that video blog (which was hard to give up… but someday I’ll explain my good reasons), I changed professions, and now I maintain this blog. I still don’t even really know what it’s about, but the unknown has always been a driving force for me. All this discomfort. Moving me forward.

When we remove ourselves from our safe zones, we force ourselves into an enhanced state of decision making. We have to think and we have to think fast. We have to go with our guts and we have to make things up as we go. We become creative again. We force ourselves into failure so that progress will follow. We become primal. And it works.

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