Stand and Deliver

October 12, 2010

It’s the title of a classic (in my opinion) movie from the eighties. Stand and Deliver. Have you seen it? Do you remember it? It’s a movie about an unruly, inner-city high school in Los Angeles, and a group of students who are challenged, then inspired by their new teacher, Mr. Escalante. They were so inspired that their final exam results were so good that the school’s administration thought they cheated. So they made the students take the final exam again. They passed the second time too. It’s a great movie, and it’s based on a true story. It’s a story about challenge, innovation, and change. We can all learn from it.

What Mr. Escalante faced was an “impossible” situation. These kids didn’t learn; they caused trouble. In an environment of violence, gangs, and delinquency, there was no success. Nobody cared and there were no expectations. Until Mr. Escalante. He didn’t accept the way things were, he expected more. He found innovative ways to capture the attention of these troubled students. Then he motivated them to not just succeed, but to excel. He persevered. Impossible was nothing for him.

In life, business, family, or in faith… how can we stand and deliver? Read The Obligation to Change, a guest post on Julien Smith’s blog by Chris Guillebeau.

We have to challenge expectations, set new ones, and push to new limits. We have to raise the bar. We have to think unthinkably. It’s the people who act on “crazy ideas” that forge change. Last week, I heard Seth Godin challenge us to take advantage of a revolution we are fortunate enough to be living through. We are living through a revolution. The rule-breakers are making new rules. And we can either stand by and watch, or we can stand and deliver.

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