Pursuit of (im)Perfection

October 2, 2010

In a perfect world there would be no wrong. We’d have nothing to solve and nothing to aim for. We’d see no progress and we wouldn’t know the sense of satisfaction. No corrections would be made and no learning curves would be overcome. We’d stand still if everything were just so and we’d become complacent. Of course… this is if we view perfection as an end.

Everything starts flawed and not all great things are perfect. I don’t know that anything is perfect. I think perfect is a process. Everything can be improved, even the best things. It’s the imperfections that drive innovation. Imperfect is uncertain, and being unsure is what sparks change and forward movement.

We’ll always be perfecting our craft, our businesses, and our plans. But if we spend too much time trying to be perfect, then we’ll wind up lost in planning,¬†forecasting, and preparation. Progress is made through experience, missteps, and typos.

Acting imperfectly is way better than perfectly standing still.

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