Google Analytics: How to Filter Your IP Address

March 10, 2012

Here I’ll explain how to remove your own IP address from Google Analytics data. Why would you want to do this, you ask? Because all those times you hit your own website should not count in your traffic numbers… you want the most accurate data possible, not inflated numbers. This article assumes that you already have Google Analytics installed, that you’re comfortable navigating your Analytics dashboard, and that you are using the latest version. So let’s get started.

First, log into your Analytics account. In the top right, in the orange nav bar, you will see an Admin option. Clicking that should take you to a screen like what you see below:

See that sub-menu option, Filters? Shown above… click that. On the next screen that appears, click onĀ New Filter (this is not shown here but should be obvious). Selecting that option takes you to the screen below:

Simply fill in the details as indicated in the image above.

If you don’t know your IP address you can look it up by clicking this link. I recommend adding a separate filter for any IP address where you, an employee, or any other traffic source might be pinging your site from (home, work, school, Starbucks, wherever) that should not be counted in your site data.

Adding these types of filters are an important step that will help ensure the accuracy of your data. There are innumerable ways that you can customize the reporting of your Google Analytics account, but this is a practical step that many tend to overlook.

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