Social Stones

September 23, 2010

Picture a boulder sitting in the middle of a field. Can you imagine it? Just a massive rock sitting in the middle of nowhere. It’s out of place, unattractive, heavy as hell, and it’s never going anywhere. Ever. And if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all…

Now think about social media. Better yet, think about marketing. Think about your brand. Now consider all the fanfare you’ve heard about social media… all those large numbers. The urgency to start now before it’s too late. What those statistics mean to me is that the online world is a whole lot bigger than the offline world. So you better be prepared to really bring it if you intend to STAND OUT. Be extreme. Stop thinking turn key and start thinking custom. If you’re gonna play the game, you better play to win. Don’t just think outside the box. Break the stupid box.

Otherwise, well… just read the first part of this post again…

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