You’re Doing it Right

September 15, 2010

It’s likely that you arrived at my site by way of twitter, maybe through facebook, or maybe a link from somewhere else. A few of you may even subscribe. And I appreciate that! But no matter how you found my site, I’m just glad that you’re here. See, we’re in this together. I live and breathe the Internet, and there’s a 90% chance that you do too. And someday we’re going to change the world.

So much information. So much analysis. So many people telling us how to do the Internet. There areĀ statisticsĀ and “reports” at every turn. And while these things may be interesting, are they really going to push us into action? And the “best practices” everyone tells us to follow might be good guidelines or starting points, but are they going to take us to the next level? Probably not. We have to blaze our own trails to do that. We have to break boxes. We have to analyze less and do more.

So today… I salute you Mr. I don’t give a crap what Hubspot, Mashable, Alexa, or any other “Pros” tell me to do. You do it your way, and you’re doing it right.

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