If Facebook Went Away…

August 31, 2010

While trying to log into Facebook a little while ago, I got the never-ending “wheel-of-thinking” and then the server timed out. Maybe Facebook was down, or maybe it was just my system, but it got me thinking… what would happen if Facebook just went away one day?

What is our world without Facebook? What would the business landscape look like if we all woke up one day and all our beloved Facebook fans were gone? Geez, what if Twitter and Linkedin went away too!?

One thing is for certain; we’d be more effective with our time. And relationships might matter more. Easy now, I said might. Have you ever connected with someone (or stayed connected) out of sheer obligation? Don’t lie, you have. So have I. I sometimes think that the speed and volume at which we’re all trying to connect is just plain silly at times. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not some wacko running around with tin foil on my head, thinking that all this social media stuff is a farse, but at the same I don’t believe in a lot of the We are the World crap that gurus and experts like to pitch us with. And I sure am tired of PDF reports that over-analyze the value of female Facebook fans who eat pizza and are five-feet tall. That was sarcasm, BTW.

If Facebook went away, maybe we’d like and join groups that made a real difference in the world and spend less time teaming up with others who hate the beeping noise. Maybe some of us would spend less time raising virtual corn and more time growing real lettuce. Maybe some of us would… GASP! … grow our business.

Now this whole thing is simply me being snarky… I love like my social media just as much as the next guy. I’m just being dramatic. In fact, I’m about to publish this, tweet it out to you, and hope that you give me your $.02. And if you feel the urge to unfollow me, just do me a favor and at least please subscribe to my blog. That way, if Facebook ever does go away, we’ll still be connected. :)

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