Not a Pro-Blogger

September 3, 2010

Yesterday morning, I wandered over to Chris Brogan’s blog to discover a post about how to grow traffic to your blog. It was a timely read as I’m attempting to settle into a habit of daily writing myself. Today is day four. And of course, growing a readership requires traffic. His post was timely, but expected. I went looking for something good, and I found it right away. Chris knows his audience (which is exactly why I went there), and he generates content on an amazingly consistent basis. So honestly, where else would I go for insight?

Some commenting ensued, and later on I discovered yet another update from Chris on the same topic. There wasn’t a lot of meat to his second post. Yet more conversation ensued. His point was proven and it was interesting to follow.

One of his points was consistency, a question that seems to be raised daily by bloggers everywhere. Everyone asks, how often should I blog?

With just ten subscribers (as of today) to my RSS feed, it’s definitely safe to say that I’m no pro-blogger. I’ll also acknowledge that I’m not really trying to be. I’m just trying to form some new habits. And I like to write. So anyway, I started this week off with only four subscribers and now I have ten. I’ve increased my readership by 150%. I can deal with that.

I think that the questions of quality versus quantity, and consistency versus frequency when blogging are way over-analyzed in this space. The answers are entirely arbitrary. I say that I’m not trying to be a pro-blogger, but lets be honest… it would be pretty cool to have 60,000+ readers like Chris Brogan. But even still, that’s beside the point. You can analyze and want more than anyone, but you still have to do it. Let’s say in 100 days that I’m still going strong with daily posts. The chances are good that I still will not be a pro-blogger.

This doing it applies to the business world too, and that principle is really why I have such a desire to post daily and form this habit. If I can learn how to make habits happen at will, then I can make them happen in my business and become better and more effective. And who knows, maybe some day I will be a pro-blogger…

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