Quittin’ Time

September 18, 2010

The work day has to end. Seemingly endless days often raise the question: working hard or hardly working? I work a lot. Or do I?

Working from home is challenging for two reasons. First, it’s easy to be distracted. It starts with mental distractions, which lead to physical distractions. To-do lists feel overwhelming, and when we work at home we essentially have two to-do lists in one place. Finding balance between the two can easily lead to guilt when we don’t focus on one or the other. So it’s like we are constantly working on one thing, but worrying about another. Next thing you know, we’re doing that other thing… and worrying about something else. Where’s the focus in that? This feeling never stops. And it feels like we’re just half-assing everything. Then the second problem; there’s never an escape. Are we at home? Or are we at work? Are we with family? Or are we with clients? And when does it become okay to put our feet up?

I’m not complaining. And I’m certainly not claiming that this balancing act is unique to people who only work at home. I’m just wondering, when’s quittin’ time?

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