Small Potatoes

September 21, 2010

If my business were a potato, It’d be a small potato. In the life of a potato it could take as long as 140 days for it to become a mature potato. And even then, It’d still just be a potato. But if businesses were actually potatoes, then we’d all just be potatoes anyway then… right?

Pardon the bad analogy… I’m tired. It’s only Tuesday and this week is already whoopin’ me. I’m so tired that I’m blogging about potatoes. And business. What!? But I’m committed to consistency, and I certainly ain’t afraid of being judged. So onward…

These next six days are going to be quite challenging for me. I’ve got deadlines galore, and I end the week with a trip to San Francisco to present at the IIABA Fall Leadership Conference with my friend Ryan Hanley, the Albany Insurance Professional. There’s tremendous pressure no matter how you slice it.

But I’ll take it in stride knowing two things:

  1. Potatoes grow
  2. Potatoes are not in control

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