November 17, 2009

I wrote a blog post late last night about success preparedness. While I firmly believe in the principle of being prepared for success, I didn’t feel like I published a very good article. In fact, I feel like I was just writing for the sake of writing. I received some feedback from a friend, Kevin Morrow, that helped lead me to the decision that it was time to unpublish. Don’t worry Kevin, it was positive feedback… I didn’t get it either.

And this takes me to the topic of blog maintenance. I want to share some of my opinions about blogging, and perhaps challenge some of the ideas out there that a blog needs to be updated daily, or updated according to some sort of schedule in order to be successful. After all, you are reading something from someone who believes in breaking boxes. I don’t think any blog should be updated everyday and I actually think that an update once a week will suffice. Less is usually more anyway, right? Well, I think that principle applies to the blogosphere too.

I wrote last night’s update out of need rather than urge. It had been several days since my last update and all the “experts” say that I should be putting out lots of content if I want to be relevant and build readership… yada yada yada. Well, if content is King, than quality is Queen. It takes two. When I write out of urge, it is much better than when I write because I need to. Consistency is important, but don’t confuse consistency with frequency. Sure, they are related but if you only write a blog post once a week than you are still being consistent. Don’t sacrifice quality for frequency. Also remember that your readers subscribe to other blogs too. They might just appreciate you more if you aren’t bogging them down with constant updates.

I do think it’s great if you can put out quality content everyday. I’m just saying don’t stress out about it if you can’t… just something to think about next time you go to battle with a blinking cursor.

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