Welcome Back

February 24, 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and almost two months since I last made an update here. When you go this long between blog posts, it’s not really a blog anymore because every update you make simply becomes an explanation of why you haven’t blogged. I often wonder what the point of a blog is anyway. Some businesses write blogs so that they can be found online (or so they hope). Others just enjoy writing. I wonder what the difference is between a blog and a journal? Whatever, back to my blog post about not blogging.

I took some time recently to dust off the design of my site, and also updated my portfolio. While doing so, I read some of my old posts. In particular, I went back to my very first post, and I also read the latest one. It was telling to see how I’ve gone from there to here. Who knows where things will go now, but I hope to start maintaining better records.

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